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An image file format converter

What is ConvImgs?

ConvImgs is an application that allows the batch interconversion (in the background) of various image filetypes, e.g. sprite, PNG, JPEG, TIFF with the bonus that a number of simple transformations can be carried out at the same time. The transformations include rotations, flipping, and scaling images.

armv7ok.png - 1014 bytesConvImgs has been tested successfully on the BeagleBoard, PandaRO, iMX6, Titanium and IGEPv5.


You can download the ConvImgs application (complete with in app help file, in html format) as a zip file

Download ConvImgs, Version: 1.12, Zip file size: 977 KB

Main changes

Changes in version 1.12 (17 Oct 2020)

Changes in version 1.11 (29 Jan 2017)

Changes in version 1.10 (26 May 2016)


All communication about ConvImgs should be directed to Chris Johnson ( ). Suggestions for new features are always welcome.