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Resources for Ovation Pro

These pages best viewed in a CSS capable browser. On RISC OS the only browser qualifying is Netsurf

This site is a central repository for third party applets and other resources suitable for use with Ovation Pro, the DTP application for RISC OS from David Pilling.

The official web site for the RISC OS version of Ovation Pro is at www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro/opr.html. The latest release of Ovation Pro for RISC OS is version 2.77 (note that there have been a number of updates to this version, make sure you have the latest), which may be obtained from https://www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro/opr.html. All upgrades are now referred to version 2.60 as the base version. If you have a version earlier than 2.60, then contact David Pilling to upgrade to the new CD version.

For those with Windows™ PCs, David Pilling has released a Windows™ version of Ovation Pro. There is a freely downloadable time limited version. Full details may be found on the Ovation Pro web site www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro.html. There is full file compatibility between the RISC OS and Windows™ versions.

Download area contents
Applets    A short description of each applet available for download is provided.
Applications    A number of stand alone applications of that might be of relevance to DTP and presentation.
Filters    Filters are facilities to allow Ovation Pro to import non-native data files.
Colour printing aids    Various colour charts and palettes.
Document templates    A range of templates for documents and labels, either in stylesheet or full document format.
Example documents    Complete documents to demonstrate the application of Ovation Pro in publishing.
Macros, and other miscellaneous files    A collection of macros, euro font file, templates, and dictionaries
Sprite files    Alternative icons for buttons, etc..
Frame borders    Ovation Pro supports Impression draw file borders. Here are some examples.
Tutorials and How-to's    Documents that describe how to carry out various operations in Ovation Pro.
Other information
Hints and tips    Some hints to get the best out of Ovation Pro, mainly based on material extracted from the Mail list
The Ovation Pro Mail list    What it is, and how to subscribe
Upgrading Ovation Pro    Ensure you have the latest version
What's new?    History of additions/updates to the download area.

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