Upgrades to some third party applications

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The upgrades available here were primarily produced to overcome issues with running software on the BeagleBoard and other OMAP3 based hardware. The software in question is no longer supported by the original author. In some cases the original application source is still available, and has been recompiled. In other cases compiled versions of more recent support binaries are provided.

DrWimp   |   cjpeg, djpeg and jpegtran   |   JCut   |   GIGO   |   Ticker

DrWimp Basic library

DrWimp based applications, Calibre, meDDLe, Labella

Ray Favre's original DrWimp site is now fully maintained once again. The latest versions of the DrWimp library and the various applications (such as Calibre, meDDLe, Labella) are available from there.

IJG utilities (cjpeg, djpeg and jpegtran)

A number of applications that process jpeg files make use of the IJG (Independent JPEG Group) software to load or do various transformations. For example, the applications !JCut, !JClean, and !Jigwas make use of the jpegtran binary. The applications themselves are still available (as of 25 Apr 2014) from the Vale RISC OS: Requiescat In Pace site, but the jpegtran binary supplied with them does not run on BeagleBoard based machines such as the ARMini.

The latest version 9b of the IJG software, released in January 2016, has been compiled for use with such applications, and also allows access to newer features such as smart scaling. These versions have been compiled using the Norcroft compiler and SharedCLib, and with the two file command line option, so should be a drop in replacement for the much earlier versions supplied with a range of RISC OS software.

Download a zip containing the cjpeg, djpeg and jpegtran binaries filesize 205 KB

For those who would like to use jpeg routines in their own software, the complete version 9b jpeglib compiled library for RISC OS is available on request.


JCut is an application, originally by 'Dacha', the original is available from the Vale RISC OS: Requiescat In Pace site. JCut makes for easier JPEG cut & paste, cropping, rotating, flipping, and now contrast & colour adjustment - all without the image degradation that would result from decoding the JPEG to process it and then re-JPEGing it. This version has had minor modifications to its !RunImage file to allow it to use the version 9 jpegtran binary.

Download !JCut, version 3.02 (25 Apr 2014) filesize 125 KB


When Gigo is started it sits on the icon bar like most programs. Files are 'binned' by dragging them to Gigo's icon bar icon. It does not intercept Filer deletes (deliberately) so if you delete files using the filer menu they really get deleted. If you don't like this operation then you are using the wrong bin.

Gigo keeps its binned files in subdirectories for each day enabling it to age its bin rather than just dumping everything at once. Once you bin a file it will be retrievable for the number of configured days before it is deleted for good.

Download !GIGO, version 1.05.1 (8 Jun 2014) filesize 52 KB

Download !GIGO source code, filesize 127 KB


The very useful news ticker program which scrolls the ticker text in a window. RSS/RDF tickers are supported, as well as the BBC News ticker. The last version of !Ticker released does not run on the BeagleBoard. Although this application does not appear to be currently supported, the source code is still available from the original site. The souce of Ticker and the CryptRand module have now been recompiled to run on OMAP3 BeagleBoard devices. The version and release date have been updated to prevent confusion between the old and new compilations, but no change has been made to the actual code. This release has changed the hardwired default url to one that is valid.

Download !Ticker, version 0.87a (27 Jan 2012) filesize 95 KB

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